Stories from the front lines of creative collaboration

The Umbrella of Collaboration

Cultivating Interview 10 Some of what you are suggesting doesn’t really sound like collaboration, the way most folks would think of it, especially if one is describing it as an intentional effort to “combine forces,” so to speak. Talking over coffee and having someone... read more

Is Bandersnatch just for Writers?

Cultivating Interview 6 Do you think that only writers and artists will see the practical implications of doing what the Inklings did? No, no. I don’t think so. Writers, musicians, filmmakers, storytellers, scholars? Sure. But also people in business, the scientist in... read more

What exactly is a Bandersnatch?

Cultivating Interview 5 Given how little today’s audience is familiar with the term, why did you name this book Bandersnatch and not something more pragmatic? Oh, those bandersnatches. Books on creativity should be creative, right? I wanted to capture the attention of... read more

The “Visual Magic” of James A. Owen

Cultivating Interview 4 You collaborated with James A. Owen on those fabulous drawings. They add a really fun element to this book and I especially love the fact that there is a hidden bandersnatch in every illustration. Far and away, my favorite is the one of Lewis... read more

Bandersnatch: Inspiration and Instruction

Cultivating Interview 3 What needs do you see Bandersnatch address that are different from other books on the market regarding writing in community and the practice of collaboration? I’m just fascinated by the creative process. There are some really great books out... read more

Why write another book?

Cultivating Interview 2 You are a remarkable writer and have passionate interests ranging from the Inklings to Dante to spiritual formation and creative collaboration. With such a broad range of interests and so many new projects tugging at your sleeve, why do another... read more

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