Bandersnatch Book


C.S. Lewis, J.R.R.Tolkien, and the Creative Collaboration of the Inklings

The new book from Diana Pavlac Glyer featuring illustrations from James A. Owen

  • Learn about the collaboration between some of the most well-known authors of the 20th century
  • Learn what ultimately tore this group apart and how to avoid the same mistake
  • Explore how to start your own collaborative group to help in your creative process
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The Inklings are about as important a group as ever existed in the literary world. This tremendous new book about them is much anticipated and hugely welcome!

Eric Metaxas

New York Times best-selling author of Bonhoeffer and Miracles

What You Will Learn

More than just a book about the Inklings, this book will inspire you to find your collaborators.

What made J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis such great collaborators

Lewis once wrote, “No one ever influenced Tolkien – you might as well try to influence a bandersnatch.” But is this really the end of the story?

Practical solutions for creating your own group of collaborators

Collaborating can be a scary thought. But it’s absolutely necessary for anyone wanting to improve their work and create anything with appeal.

How to find collaborators worth listening to

How do you know if your collaborators are helping or hindering? In “Bandersnatch,” you’ll learn what ultimately killed the collaboration, and how you can avoid the same mistakes.

J.R.R. Tolkien by James A. Owen

Who Should Read Bandersnatch?

Creative People

Some people just ooze creativity. They can paint, write, compose music, dance, and maybe even do a little sculpting on the side. But sometimes this creativity comes at the cost of meaningful relationships. Bandersnatch explores the ways to nurture collaborative relationships with those that will not only help you to fine-tune your creative expressions, but give you friendships as well.


This is a no brainer. The Inklings were a group of writers who collaborated on many projects over the years. If you’re an aspiring author, or even an award winning novelist, Bandersnatch will give you tangible evidence as to the power of creative collaboration and why you need to explore ways of incorporating it into your own work.


Painters, sculptors, digital artists, graphic designers, and even web developers all need to collaborate, but can often be opposed to the idea. After all, letting someone else see your works-in-progress can be slightly more unsettling than an Alfred Hitchcock film. But Bandersnatch settles those fears and helps you to understand the true beauty in finding your group of collaborative colleagues.


Many people omit business from the realms of creativity, but if you’ve ever started your own company or have invented something, you know that creativity is at the soul of commerce. Entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, inventors, and business owners will gain a wealth of knowledge from Bandersnatch as it explores the process and various forms of creative collaboration.

No one knows more than Diana Pavlac Glyer about the internal workings of the Inklings. In Bandersnatch, she shows us how they inspired, encouraged, refined, and opposed one another in the course of producing some of the greatest literature of the last one hundred years. A brilliant and beautifully clear case study of iron sharpening iron.

Michael Ward

Coeditor of C.S. Lewis at Poets' Corner

What a gift! Bandersnatch is a joy to read and helps dispel that dangerous myth that our greatest writers created in solitude. We all need community in order to do our best work, and this book will show you how some of the greatest minds of the twentieth century did just that. You won’t be able to read this book just once.

Jeff Goins

Founder of Tribe Writers and author of The Art of Work

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About The Author

Diana Pavlac Glyer

is an award-winning writer who has spent more than 40 years combing through archives and studying old manuscripts. She is a leading expert on C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien; her book The Company They Keep (The Kent State University Press, 2007) changed the way we talk about these writers. Her scholarship, teaching, and work as an artist all circle back to one common theme: creativity thrives in community.

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Bandersnatch proves that collaboration is a necessity for creatives of all types.
Learn from some of the greatest literary minds exactly how to start collaborating.

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